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Sports Enthusiasts’ Hideaway: Blending Mid-Century Charm

FeaturedA modern, open-concept home with wood, stone, and glass elements, surrounded by lush greenery.

Passion for sports and a desire for a modern, open-concept living space led this California family to embark on a remarkable home renovation project with Klopf Architecture. The Sports Enthusiasts’ Hideaway in Los Gatos, a reimagined mid-century modern house, features expanded living areas, a new bedroom, and a revitalized primary bath, all designed to seamlessly integrate with the lush outdoor amenities, including a sports lawn, plunge pools, and a pool house.

Residence A1: Elegant Taiwanese Apartment Designed by Andy Nien

FeaturedSleek, modern interior with wooden cabinetry, tile flooring, and built-in shelving.

Designed by the renowned Andy Nien Architects, Residence A1 in Taiwan is a captivating apartment project that showcases a delicate balance of simplicity and charm. This 2024 design caters to an affluent entrepreneurial couple seeking a modest yet inviting space to unwind after their busy schedules. The predominantly gray and white color palette is accentuated by a harmonious blend of warm materials, including stucco, wood veneers, and translucent stone, creating a solid and visually appealing texture throughout the residence.

Terramadeira Apartment: A Family-Centric Design in São Paulo

FeaturedCozy living space featuring warm wood accents, large sofa, and track lighting.

Discover the Terramadeira Apartment, a stunning family residence in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Arkitito Arquitetura in 2022. This apartment skillfully balances modern design with functional living, featuring an integrated living room and kitchen that maximizes space and fosters family interaction. The use of wood and sleek surfaces reflects natural light, creating a welcoming atmosphere throughout the home.