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Terramadeira Apartment: A Family-Centric Design in São Paulo

FeaturedCozy living space featuring warm wood accents, large sofa, and track lighting.

Discover the Terramadeira Apartment, a stunning family residence in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Arkitito Arquitetura in 2022. This apartment skillfully balances modern design with functional living, featuring an integrated living room and kitchen that maximizes space and fosters family interaction. The use of wood and sleek surfaces reflects natural light, creating a welcoming atmosphere throughout the home.

Deca Pavilion: Modernist Influences in Rio’s Newest House

FeaturedElegant indoor pool with skylights and wooden ceiling.

Explore the Deca Pavilion, a stunning house designed by Joao Panaggio, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Unveiled in 2023, this real estate marvel combines modernist Brazilian architecture and inventive space integration. The house features a unique water element that divides and enhances the interior spaces, echoing the style of ancient Roman baths. With a focus on open spaces and high-quality Brazilian design furniture, the Deca Pavilion sets a new standard for contemporary living.

Giudice House: Where Tradition Meets Modern Living

FeaturedAiry room with high ceilings, exposed beams, large windows, and lush green

The Giudice House, designed by ARKITITO Arquitetura in 2022, is a stunning example of how traditional German chalet architecture can be seamlessly integrated into a modern family home. Located in a lush, wooded neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil, this renovated house strikes a perfect balance between preserving historical elements and adapting to contemporary living standards. Its open, light-filled spaces and thoughtful use of natural materials and colors elevate the home into a warm and inviting retreat for a family with teenage children.