Giudice House: Where Tradition Meets Modern Living

The Giudice House, designed by ARKITITO Arquitetura in 2022, is a stunning example of how traditional German chalet architecture can be seamlessly integrated into a modern family home. Located in a lush, wooded neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil, this renovated house strikes a perfect balance between preserving historical elements and adapting to contemporary living standards. Its open, light-filled spaces and thoughtful use of natural materials and colors elevate the home into a warm and inviting retreat for a family with teenage children.

Modern A-frame house with large glass windows surrounded by greenery.
Airy room with high ceilings, exposed beams, large windows, and lush green
Modern living room with high ceilings, wooden beams, and a mezzanine.
Sleek living space with high ceiling, glass walls, and wooden beams,
Contemporary dining room with slanted wooden ceiling and eclectic decor.
Modern living room with grey sofa, area rug, and glass doors leading to a
Modern kitchen with orange tiles, bar stools, and hanging lights.
Contemporary kitchen with terracotta tiles and large wooden table.
Stylish interior with slanted ceilings, sleek staircase, and eclectic decor.
Contemporary bedroom with slanted ceiling and balcony access.
Minimalist bedroom with a hanging chair and angled ceiling.
Modern bathroom interior with wooden vanity and white walls.
Modern bathroom with glass partitions, a freestanding tub, and wood cabinetry
Contemporary A-frame house with poolside outdoor seating.

About Giudice House

A Harmonious Blend of Past and Present

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the Giudice House is the epitome of thoughtful renovation. ARKITITO Arquitetura took the helm in 2022, tasked with transforming a traditional German chalet into a contemporary family home. The clients’ vision was clear: to preserve the chalet’s rich history while infusing it with modern comfort and style. This vision took shape through a meticulous four-year search, culminating in a property that spoke to their hearts.

Innovative Design Solutions for Space and Light

Challenged by the narrow layout and a desire for more natural light, ARKITITO Arquitetura embarked on a journey of transformation. By removing barriers and elevating the living room ceiling to over 6 meters (nearly 20 feet), they created a spacious, airy environment. The introduction of large glass windows and light-reflecting materials further enhanced the home’s brightness, ensuring a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

A Connection of Spaces

The renovation prioritized the flow between living areas. The removal of partition walls led to an expansive living room, merging seamlessly with the kitchen and a new gourmet area. This openness allows for uninterrupted views across the social wing, promoting a cohesive and integrated family life. The addition of a pergola-like structure at the entrance introduces a captivating play of light, guiding visitors into the heart of the home.

Embracing the Outdoors

With the surrounding landscape playing a key role in the project, the design emphasizes the connection to nature. The front and rear courtyards, enhanced by mature trees, offer peaceful vistas and a sense of seclusion. This outdoor connection is further celebrated in the gourmet area facing the pool, where terracotta tones and glazed tiles invite the outdoors in.

A Fusion of Textures and Traditions

Material choice was pivotal in achieving a balance between warmth and modernity. Porcelain floors, white-painted surfaces, and Tauari wood ceiling planks coalesce to create a space that feels both expansive and intimate. This blend of textures complements the original chalet’s stone and wood, providing a nod to the past while embracing contemporary aesthetics. Furniture selections mix family heirlooms with pieces from Brazilian designers, weaving a rich tapestry of history and modernity.

In conclusion, the Giudice House stands as a testament to the beauty of architectural evolution. ARKITITO Arquitetura’s respectful approach to renovation has breathed new life into an old structure, crafting a home that is as welcoming as it is visually stunning. It’s a place where the past and the present harmonize, offering a sanctuary for the family to thrive.

Photography by Ricardo Faiani
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- by Matt Watts