Window Apartment by Ambidestro

Window Apartment is an amazing home located in Porto Alegre, Brazil, designed by Ambidestro.

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About Window Apartment

Contemporary Elegance in Porto Alegre’s Window Apartment

In the heart of Porto Alegre, Brazil, the Window Apartment emerges as a beacon of contemporary design. Conceived by Ambidestro in 2017, this apartment weaves a narrative of modern elegance and open space.

A Living Room with a View

The living room, a symphony of natural light and clean lines, features floor-to-ceiling curtains that gently frame the view. A plush, earth-toned sectional anchors the room, inviting conversation and relaxation. The open-plan allows the eye to travel from the sculptural fireplace to the sleek furnishings, creating a space that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Kitchen and Dining: Heart of the Home

Moving into the kitchen and dining area, the narrative shifts to one of culinary art and communal dining. Here, modern cabinetry and a long, welcoming dining table speak to the blend of utility and sophistication. This space stands as a testament to the apartment’s ethos: a place where form meets function in the most seamless way.

Productivity Meets Style in the Home Office

The home office presents a serene environment for productivity. Bookshelves and wood panels surround a modern desk setup, suggesting a balance between work and home life. This room is a modern sanctuary, designed to inspire and motivate.

Tranquil Repose in the Bedroom

In the bedroom, tranquility takes center stage. The minimalist approach, with a soft-hued bed and ample storage, creates a restful atmosphere. Here, the design philosophy of less is more is evident, providing a peaceful retreat from the bustling city.

Sleek Simplicity in the Bathroom

The bathroom’s sleek lines and marble accents echo the apartment’s contemporary vibe. A freestanding bathtub and streamlined fixtures offer a spa-like experience, reinforcing the apartment’s luxurious underpinnings.

The Window Apartment by Ambidestro is a narrative of spaces, where each room harmoniously transitions to the next, telling the story of modern living at its finest.

Photography by Marcelo Donadussi

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- by Matt Watts