CHUUMUK: Innovative Circular Homes Maximizing Tulum’s Views

Discover CHUUMUK, designed by ArquiPartners in Tulum, Mexico. This trio of houses embraces the natural surroundings with innovative, modern elements. Each curved structure opens up to breathtaking landscapes, offering seamless indoor-outdoor living.

The minimalist interiors, high ceilings, and extensive use of glass enhance the spacious feel and connection to nature, creating a tranquil, luxurious retreat in the heart of Tulum.

Modern dining room with wooden table, designer chairs, and a staircase leading to an
Modern living room with circular seating, sleek staircase, and large windows.
Modern kitchen corner with floating shelves and black countertops.
Modern bedroom with wooden wall panels, pendant lights, and large window.
Contemporary bathroom with unique mirror and neutral tones.
Outdoor patio with solar panel roof, wooden dining set, and corner lounge area.
Modern house with large windows overlooking a pool.
Modern house with an outdoor hammock, trees, and artistic sculptures.
Contemporary villa with curved design and rooftop solar panels amidst lush greenery.
Modern building with curved design surrounded by trees.


Innovative Design Meets Natural Harmony

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Tulum, CHUUMUK by ArquiPartners presents a groundbreaking approach to modern living. This ensemble of three semi-circular houses seamlessly blends with the natural environment, marrying modern innovation with the serene beauty of nature. The structures’ curved form enhances the panoramic views, fostering a harmonious flow between indoors and the vibrant outdoors.

Immersive Living Spaces

Each home in CHUUMUK features chukum-coated façades that gracefully integrate into the surrounding greenery. Large windows and sliding glass doors flood the interiors with natural light, establishing a direct connection with the tranquil outdoors. Modern, minimalist design characterizes the interior, where quality finishes and thoughtful details abound. Spaces are bright and airy, with high ceilings amplifying the sense of space and freedom. The houses boast a distinctive double-height space, incorporating a circular sunken living area within the curved volume, highlighted by a towering window that merges the indoors with the lush exterior and the pool.

A Private Oasis

Complementing the residences, tropical gardens designed to promote local biodiversity envelop the homes, crafting a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. CHUUMUK is more than a place to live—it’s an innovative embrace of modern design and natural integration, inviting its inhabitants into a unique lifestyle where architecture and the environment coexist in perfect harmony.

Photography by Wacho Espinosa
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- by Matt Watts