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Brim + Crown: Reimagining Norwalk’s Historic Factory for Modern Living

FeaturedAn eclectic, high-ceilinged space with a stunning crystal chandelier, rustic wood paneling, and plush fur-covered chairs.

Brim + Crown redefines multi-unit housing by transforming the 1929 Hat Corporation factory in Norwalk, CT into a vibrant community space. Designed by Beinfield Architecture in 2020, this project seamlessly merges industrial aesthetics with modern living spaces, offering a mix of residential units, offices, retail, and leisure facilities. The design reflects a unique industrial chic, honoring its history while embracing contemporary design elements.

The Church: Revolutionizing Heritage Real Estate in Sydney

Stunning brick interior with arched windows, modern black kitchen island, and a small dog.

The Church in Sydney, Australia, showcases a stunning transformation from a historic community church to a contemporary house. Designed by Michiru Higginbotham in 2022, this three-level dwelling expertly marries the original heritage-listed architecture with modern elements, creating a breathtaking living space. The design retains the integrity of the church’s exterior while introducing a modern interior highlighted by unique geometries, material selection, and innovative lighting solutions.

Old Yacht Club Transformation: A Modern Homage to Coastal Heritage

FeaturedLakeside house with large windows and a chimney, overlooking a boat on the

Discover the transformation of the Old Yacht Club into a breathtaking private residence by Elliott Architects in Blue Hill, ME. Originally built in 1919, this coastal gem combines the building’s historical essence with modern design elements, turning it into a unique home that pays homage to its past while providing contemporary living spaces and embracing the stunning sea vistas.