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ME House: Innovating with Natural Materials

Modern house with open-plan living area, wooden slats, and concrete exterior.

Unveiling the ME House in Asunción, Paraguay: a masterpiece by Equipo de Arquitectura that redefines living with natural materials. This two-story haven marries industrial chic with nature’s touch, featuring brick, concrete, and wood accents. Its design maximizes natural light, encourages cross ventilation, and embraces greenery, ensuring every corner breathes comfort and sustainability.

Rojo by Bauen

Rojo by Bauen

Welcome to the vibrant world of Rojo, a striking two-story house situated in the heart of Asunción, Paraguay, a city renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture.

This masterpiece, redesigned in 2019 by Bauen, harmoniously blends industrial interior design with the allure of nature. The house stands tall amongst existing trees, respecting their space and enhancing the beauty of the natural environment. The open design of the ground floor invites the outside in, fostering a seamless interior-exterior integration and creating expansive social spaces for inhabitants to enjoy.

With unique structural elements and a bold color palette, Rojo is a beacon of modern, industrial design with a heart for nature.