Rojo by Bauen

Located in the city of Asunción, the Red House designed in 2019 by Bauen was raised out of the need for a residence that can be connected with nature within the city.

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Based on this premise, the implantation of the house arises from the dispositions of the existing trees, without invading their spaces, rather articulating the noble materiality of the construction with the natural environment, further enhancing the landscape.

The structural approach responds to the idea of leaving the ground floor completely free, allowing total interior-exterior integration, thus creating vast social spaces.

We worked with specific structural elements, such as the screen facing the street, it is part of the will of the development of the house towards the interior towards the patio. The beams, one of 24mts, are also protagonists in this work. that allows the view on the ground floor to be freed, giving the social areas the best views of the garden, and other beams on the upper floor arranged in a way that girds the tops of the trees.

The materiality is resolved with three elements, the structure in exposed concrete, the glass enclosures with aluminum profiles, and the metallic sub-structure in red (anti-rust color), the latter giving the name to the house.

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- by Matt Watts