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Costa Nova Apartment: Luminous Interior Redesign in Aveiro

FeaturedContemporary interior with white sectional sofa, kitchenette, and colorful art.

Experience modern luxury in the heart of Aveiro, Portugal, at the Costa Nova Apartment by Gavinho Architecture & Interiors. Designed in 2012, this apartment embodies a cultural fusion inspired by the iconic haystacks of Costa Nova.

Discover a space of luminosity and exceptional design, where the interior seamlessly extends to the exterior through a glass cover, offering a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Beira Mar House by Paulo Martins Arq&Design

FeaturedBeira Mar House by Paulo Martins Arq&Design

Uncover the Beira Mar House, a sleek, narrow home in Aveiro, Portugal, the “Venice of Portugal” known for its picturesque canals. Paulo Martins Arq&Design brilliantly revives traditional city living with an intimate contact to the outdoors, in a home where the sea’s salt-kissed air and the call of seagulls is your daily soundscape.

Transformed from a plot of land just 30 meters long and 2.5 meters wide (approximately 98ft x 8ft), this modern property emerges as a habitable corridor, interplaying light, surprise, and discovery with its thoughtful design. Bask in the house’s dualistic personality: an interior characterized by a soothing dark ambiance, and a radiant, light-infused exterior due to its reflective white surface.