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Point White Residence: Inside Bainbridge Island’s Tranquil Home

Modern wooden home with landscaped garden and concrete steps.

Explore the serene Point White Residence by Eerkes Architects on Bainbridge Island, WA. This architectural gem, centered around tranquility and nature, seamlessly combines contemporary design with the lush outdoors. From the entrance marked by rhythmic concrete steps to expansive glass walls and wood ceilings blending indoors and out, discover a home where every space tells a story of harmony and sophisticated design.

Wake Robin: Harmony of Mid-Century Design and Natural Beauty

FeaturedWake Robin: Harmony of Mid-Century Design and Natural Beauty

Uncover the allure of Wake Robin, a spectacular single-story house designed by renowned Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects. Nestled on Bainbridge Island, Washington – a haven known for its stunning natural beauty – this property is a shining example of mid-century architecture tailored to meet contemporary needs. The house’s unique design harmoniously integrates the structure with its verdant surroundings, creating a tranquil living space suffused with natural light.

Brought to life in 2021, Wake Robin’s design is elegantly woven with landscape-focused details, iconic patterns, and a distinct play of transparency and opacity, offering a dynamic and immersive living experience. Welcome to a tour of this gem.