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7th Street House: Modern Twist on Berkeley Bungalows

Modern, minimalist residential architecture featuring a striking geometric facade, wooden accents, and well-landscaped surroundings.

Discover how the 7th Street House in Berkeley, California reimagines traditional living spaces. Designed by Sidell Pakravan Architects in 2022, this contemporary house blends the classic charm of 1920s bungalows with modern design principles. Emphasizing natural light and spacious interiors, the house provides a unique living experience tailored for a retiring couple, ensuring comfort and style in their golden years.

Berkeley Residence: Modern European Design with Bay Views

Modern wood-paneled home with expansive windows, landscaped yard, and architectural details.

In Berkeley, California, a 1960s residence has undergone a remarkable transformation, courtesy of Holder Parlette Architecture. The renovation of this house has prioritized a modern European aesthetic, focusing on expansive views and spacious interiors while maintaining the original footprint.

The design highlights include a living area with 14-foot ceilings and a full-height sliding door that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces, offering breathtaking vistas of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Complementing the minimalist, white interior is a landscaped yard featuring a lawn, fountain, and hot tub, all oriented towards the picturesque vista.

Buena Vista House: Reimagining Retirement Living by Rangr Studio

Modern wood-paneled home nestled among lush trees and vegetation, with clean architectural lines.

Designed by Rangr Studio Architecture in 2021, the Buena Vista House in Berkeley redefines retirement living. It seamlessly merges the home with its hilly landscape and microclimate, offering direct sunlight and cross-ventilation. With thoughtful, accessible design, including a zero-threshold upper floor, and capturing expansive views of the San Francisco Bay, this home exemplifies sustainable living while catering to the specific needs of its retirees.