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House of Grey: Balancing Monochrome and Vibrant Colors

Expansive modern living room with sleek furniture, lush greenery, and large windows overlooking the pool.

Atelier Design N Domain‘s “House of Greys” in Vadodara, India, showcases a captivating blend of understated elegance and vibrant color. This 2021 residential project combines the designer’s love for grey hues with the client’s penchant for color, creating a harmonious balance that engages the senses.

Featuring a predominantly grey shell, the home celebrates its diverse elements, including artwork, sculptures, and soft furnishings, seamlessly blending the formal and casual living spaces.

Four Sappers Residence: Where Timeless Design Meets Contemporary Luxury

Minimalist living room with sleek shelving unit, plush sectional, and patterned wood flooring.

Steps into historic charm and contemporary comfort converge at Four Sappers Residence, an elegant hotel designed in 2023 by AP Valletta. Nestled in the heart of Valletta, Malta, this six-story structure marries minimalistic design with functionality, encircling a sun-drenched central courtyard that stands as the centerpiece. The design delicately blends supple creams and the organic textures of wood and travertine with state-of-the-art amenities, creating a luxurious yet homely atmosphere.