Casa PL: A Modern Alpine Retreat in Ponte di Legno

Discover Casa PL, a striking 2023 creation by DC|EF in Ponte di Legno, Italy. This luxurious apartment transforms 120 sqm into a blend of tradition and modernity, embracing stunning mountain views with its thoughtful design. With brushed oak wood, Tonalite stone, and bespoke furnishings, it redefines alpine living.

Contemporary living room with wooden paneling and a large window.
Contemporary living room with fireplace, built-in seating, and floor-to-ceiling
Cozy nook with fireplace, window seat, and mountain view.
Modern kitchen and dining area with wooden elements and neutral tones.
Contemporary kitchen and dining area with wood paneling and pendant lights.
Modern kitchen with dark cabinets, island, and wooden floor.
Modern kitchen with wooden walls, built-in table, and bench seating.
Contemporary bedroom with lofted bed, wooden details, and scenic forest view through
Wooden bunk bed setup with ladder and built-in lighting.
Contemporary bathroom with a teal vanity, round mirror, and sleek fixtures.
Cozy wooden bunk beds built into a nook with warm lighting.
Contemporary bedroom corner with wooden bedside stump and green accents.
Modern bathroom interior with wooden vanity and vessel sink.

About Casa PL

Mountain Modernity at Casa PL

Nestled in the serene town of Ponte di Legno, Italy, Casa PL invites vacationers to an oasis designed by DC|EF in 2023. This 120 sqm apartment offers a seamless blend of nature and comfort, marrying breathtaking views with refined living spaces.

Upon entry, guests are enveloped in warmth, where brushed oak wood floors lead to a spacious living room. Large, frameless windows frame the majestic mountain scenes as if they were living art, drawing the outside in. Elegantly crafted furniture offers bespoke luxury, while a custom-built fireplace of Tonalite stone invites cozy evenings.

Harmonious Heart of Home

Transitioning into the shared spaces, the dining area and kitchen bridge functionality with aesthetic grace. The kitchen’s clean lines and granite countertops contrast with the rich oak cabinetry, a testament to modern craftsmanship. Subtle lighting fixtures illuminate the stone’s natural texture, enhancing meals prepared and shared.

Adjacent, the dining table commands presence. Here, a built-in bench cozies up to the table, upholding a convivial atmosphere. The uniquely integrated lighting illuminates gatherings, highlighting every shared laugh and whispered story.

Restful Retreats

Serene private quarters await as oak-laden pathways lead to thoughtfully designed sleeping areas. The first bedroom hosts a cleverly installed wooden loft bed, maximizing space without compromising style. In contrast, the second features bunk beds, surrounded by the tranquil tones of stonework, creating an enclave for restorative sleep.

The master bedroom, an intimate sanctuary, showcases a backlit, plush headboard complemented by soft textures and earthy tones. The bedside log table, a nod to nature, anchors the room in its Alpine settings.

Completing this restful journey, the bathroom is an exercise in tranquility. Here, Piasentina stone surfaces cradle a sleek basin, while soft light reflects off mirrored cupboards, offering a space of calm respite.

Casa PL is eloquently spoken proof that modernity and tradition can intertwine, creating an enchanting highland haven awaiting those who seek refuge and rejuvenation amidst the untouched beauty of the mountains.

Photography by Simone Furiosi
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- by Matt Watts