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Passive Lab House: Sustainable Tropical Modernist Design

Striking modern architecture with textured concrete facades and lush tropical landscaping.

Designed by the renowned firm RAD+ar, the Passive Lab House in South Tangerang City, Indonesia, is a captivating exploration of tropical passive design in a postmodern urban context. This experimental house employs innovative techniques, such as overlapping void spaces, reflective pools, and strategically placed skylights, to create a comfortable microclimate without relying on active systems. The project’s thoughtful integration of biophilic and tropical elements within a contemporary design language offers a promising solution to the challenges posed by unplanned urbanization.

Bruma Tulum: Jaque Studio’s Bioclimatic Villas in Mexico

A minimalist kitchen interior with wooden shelves, a concrete countertop, and a ceiling fan.

Bruma Tulum, a four-unit housing complex in the lush forests of Tulum, Mexico, showcases Jaque Studio‘s masterful blend of modern design and sustainable living. Completed in 2021, this residential project prioritizes privacy and a seamless connection with the natural surroundings, offering each villa its own garden and pool.

The architectural solution strategically positions the units to preserve as much open space as possible, with a mix of single-story and two-story designs that maximize efficiency and privacy. Embracing the region’s cultural identity, the project incorporates locally sourced materials and construction techniques, minimizing the ecological footprint while providing a warm, Caribbean-inspired ambiance.

Siddhidatri: Discover Ashwin Architects’ Contemporary Indian House

A contemporary residential building featuring a mix of materials and geometric shapes.

This meticulously designed house in Bengaluru, India, showcases the architectural prowess of Ashwin Architects. Siddhidatri, completed in 2022, is a stunning example of how thoughtful design can maximize the benefits of a corner site situated in a lush, green neighborhood. With large openings on the eastern and northern facades, the airy interiors seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape, creating a harmonious living experience for the homeowners.

Joy Group Office: Revitalizing Shanghai’s Corporate Workspace

Cozy office with vibrant red sofas, creative lighting fixtures, and minimalist design.

The Joy Group, a leading global beauty company, has unveiled its newly upgraded headquarters in Shanghai, China, designed by the renowned architecture firm LZA. This cutting-edge office space, completed in 2023, epitomizes the brand’s commitment to creating a healthy, safe, and environmentally-friendly workplace for its employees.

Strategically located in the Huangpu District, the project seamlessly integrates modern design with sustainable principles, setting a new benchmark for office design in the beauty industry.

Raga Svara: Redefining Wellness Spaces with Nature in India

Circular atrium with lush tropical plants and reflective floor in modernist building.

Raga Svara, designed by Shanmugam Associates in 2022, is a cutting-edge wellness/spa retreat located in Rajkot, India. This project showcases a biophilic approach, prioritizing minimal architectural interventions to enhance the natural landscape. With a focus on therapeutic and ecological wellbeing, Raga Svara integrates lush greenery, local materials, and sustainable design to offer a holistic rejuvenation experience.