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Bondi Junction House by Alexander &Co.

FeaturedBondi Junction House by Alexander &Co.

Delve into the captivating allure of the Bondi Junction House, an architectural masterpiece by Alexander &Co., nestled in Sydney’s esteemed eastern suburbs. This home personifies the charm of ‘the unfinished’, its contemporary design serves as a testament to a blend of modernist philosophy, inspired by the profound works of Alvar Aalto and Louis Kahn. With an ambitious pursuit of maximizing spatial economies within a low-cost build, the property seamlessly incorporates locally sourced pine structure and Carrara stone, lending it a distinct Scandinavian sensibility.

Designed with a growing family in mind, this house embodies the essence of architectural education, where each room narrates the story of its construction. This stunning embodiment of a modern, contemporary style invites observers to witness its structural rhythms and the unique and surprising spaces borne from the careful layering of materials.