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Patio House: Intimate Spaces & Transparent Design in El Salvador

A modern, minimalist home design with lush, tropical landscaping and a bold, geometric entryway.

The Patio House, designed by the talented team at Elástica Studio in San Salvador, El Salvador, is a captivating blend of cozy privacy and transparent elegance. Completed in 2022, this house showcases a solid, opaque exterior that gradually reveals a completely transparent interior, creating a unique and intimate atmosphere. Brick, the primary material, takes center stage both inside and out, evoking a warm and personalized ambiance that harmonizes with the use of natural stone and vibrant colors throughout the living spaces.

Casa Stalla: A Historic Munich Stable Reimagined

Bright, rustic-style living room with exposed beams and a large leather sofa.

Discover the enchanting Casa Stalla, a remarkable transformation of a 1904 suburban stable into a contemporary home by Piano B Architetti Associati in Munich’s Solln district. This once humble structure now stands as a testament to architectural evolution, blending traditional brick with modern abstract elements. The design delicately balances the building’s rural origins with sophisticated spatial reorganization, creating a seamless flow between its storied past and innovative present.

Casa Relámpago Bar: A Modern Tribute to Cholula’s Heritage

Modern brick building with large entrance and palm trees.

Casa Relámpago Bar in San Pedro Cholula, Mexico, represents a harmonious blend of modern design and historical context. Created by Estudio Tecalli in 2023, this bar, near the Great Pyramid of Cholula, showcases urban brick style amidst the rich cultural setting. Its location offers views of the “Los Remedios” church, while the design features local red bricks, vaulted ceilings, and elements like polished concrete floors with golden aluminum accents.

Casa Relámpago epitomizes the architectural legacy of the Puebla Valley, blending tradition with modernity through unique design elements.

The Kenz House: A Brick Beauty by Srijit Srinivas

FeaturedThe Kenz House: A Brick Beauty by Srijit Srinivas

The Kenz House, crafted by Srijit Srinivas Architects, stands as an architectural marvel in India. Situated near National Highway 66, this luxurious home is a perfect blend of modern design and traditional brick craftsmanship.

Its unique features include innovative skylights, serene internal courtyards, and a climate-friendly design. The Kenz harmoniously combines rustic brick, teak wood, Italian marble, and bespoke furnishings, embodying sustainable luxury and design excellence.

CS House: Brick Architecture Meets Countryside Grandeur

FeaturedCS House: Brick Architecture Meets Countryside Grandeur

Discover the CS House in Porto Feliz, Brazil, a brick-styled gem by Memola Estudio. In this gated community home, family-friendly design meets natural allure. Panoramic views capture sunrises, sunsets, and sweeping landscapes, echoing the rustic aesthetics of a Brazilian farmhouse.

With six generously-sized bedrooms and a vast living space, it’s a blend of modern elegance and timeless countryside charm.

Tile Nest: Uncovering a Unique Brick House Design in Vietnam

Tile Nest: Uncovering a Unique Brick House Design in Vietnam

Located in the rapidly evolving urban landscape of Thành Phố Phủ Lý, Vietnam, discover the unique character of Tile Nest. This distinct residential property, designed by H&P Architects, effortlessly blends tradition with innovation. Built in 2021, this brick house is set apart by its avant-garde use of familiar materials, creating a truly immersive experience.

The design borrows inspiration from the ancient pit house concept and nests, lending a captivating corrugated appearance. The property’s clever use of tiles breathes new life into this traditional Vietnamese material, achieving a delicate balance of light, wind, and the scent of plants. The transitional green balconies punctuate the property, providing a vista of captivating views and a natural microclimate.

Tile Nest is more than a home—it’s an architectural masterpiece that truly connects with its past and present surroundings.