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Brutalist Duplex Apartment: A Revival by Studio Okami

Modern interior with concrete walls, a spiral staircase, and minimalist furniture.

Discover Studio Okami‘s exquisite transformation of a duplex apartment, nestled in Antwerp, Belgium’s iconic Riverside Tower. This 2021 project reimagines brutalist design, blending rough concrete textures with a soft peach palette, creating a single-bedroom loft that doubles as an art showcase. Every detail, from the bespoke kitchen island to the pivot windows, harmonizes form with function, offering a unique living space that’s both a home and a canvas for creativity.

Rude House: Brutalist Design Meets Rustic Italian Charm

Rude House: Brutalist Design Meets Rustic Italian Charm

Discover the exquisite Rude House, a brutalist-inspired apartment in Rome, Italy, nestled in the tranquility of the southern suburbs, Tor de’ Cenci.

Overlooking the verdant Castelporziano Nature Reserve, this transformative project by Studio Tamat introduces new vitality into a 120 sqm (approx. 1292 sqft) apartment, drawing the abundant natural light indoors with expansive windows and a spacious 40 sqm (approx. 431 sqft) terrace. Crafted meticulously for a young couple of lawyers yearning for a connection with nature, this contemporary abode captures the essence of brutalist design within its rustic charm and sensual materiality, from the exposed reinforced concrete pillars to the use of artisanal terracotta.