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Customized Bookcase by Antica Ebanisteria Gambella

Main Photo Bookcase

Very common problem to many people is not success on furnishing their own home as they wish. Sometimes due the difficulty to find the right furniture and sometime due to the difficulty to find who is able to make customized interiors which fit the available space in their home. Antica Ebanisteria Gambella is specialized on manufacturing of customizes interiors with our project or under the customer design. We successful work in this field since 1893: so we inherited knowledges and skills in traditional woodworking practice.

Keramos cabinets by CoProdotto

Keramos cabinets by CoProdotto

These amazing colorful Keramos cabinets were designed by CoProdotto – cooperation between Adriano Design and La Castellamonte. Keramos is a modular container with ceramic shell which makes it immediately recognizable, and which reminds us of the terracotta jars, par excellence containers in human history, which preserved over time their contents. Keramos is a special, not ordinary, piece of furniture, container of precious things which needs to be preserved more than contained.