Customized Bookcase by Antica Ebanisteria Gambella

Very common problem to many people is not success on furnishing their own home as they wish. Sometimes due the difficulty to find the right furniture and sometime due to the difficulty to find who is able to make customized interiors which fit the available space in their home. Antica Ebanisteria Gambella is specialized on manufacturing of customizes interiors with our project or under the customer design. We successful work in this field since 1893: so we inherited knowledges and skills in traditional woodworking practice.

Description by Antica Ebanisteria Gambella

A famous design studio, located in Florence – Italy, specialized on labels designing and marketing activities for prestigious wines, asked us a solution for furnishing the meeting room at their office. All their previous tries didn’t success due to a pillar almost in middle of the room. We suggested to make all around this pillar a display cabinet, with various shelves, lighted with adjustable led lights, with the purpose to light only the bottle wine labels (which represents the core business of the company), lacquered in black colour, totally in contrast with the rest on the interiors (in white colour) with the purpose to not detach the observer look from the wine label. Our project was appreciated a lot from the director, which gave us the job ad this is the final result!

- by Matt Watts