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Glen Villa: ARRCC’s Modern Cape Town Masterpiece

FeaturedGlen Villa: ARRCC’s Modern Cape Town Masterpiece

Welcome to Glen Villa: ARRCC transforms a Cape Town treasure, perched at the foot of the iconic Table Mountain. This contemporary home, previously the vision of architect Antonio Zaninovic, now boasts ARRCC‘s signature enhancements—a new garden pavilion and an upgraded penthouse main suite.

Every change, from the enclosed wine room to the expansive terraced lawn, aims to merge crisp architectural lines with the rugged natural beauty of the mountainside, ensuring a breathtaking harmony between luxury living and the wild South African landscape.

Upper Albert: Cape Town’s Modern Concrete Retreat with a Nod to the Past

FeaturedUpper Albert: Cape Town’s Modern Concrete Retreat with a Nod to the Past

In the picturesque landscapes of Cape Town, South Africa, renowned designer SAOTA unveils Upper Albert, a remarkable concrete house designed in 2022.

Architect Philip Olmesdahl marries the raw, tactile beauty of concrete with a vibrant dash of red pigment, inspired by his Mexican travels. Blending a stark modern aesthetic with personal and local historical touches, the house stands as both a testament to the progressive architecture of SAOTA and a love letter to the city’s rich heritage, all while offering panoramic views of the iconic cityscape.

UT 41 by Renato Graca

FeaturedUT 41 by Renato Graca

Step inside the majestic UT 41, an architectural marvel nestled in the breathtaking landscape of Camps Bay, South Africa. Designed by the renowned Renato Graca in 2019, this luxury four-story residence showcases the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. Each floor of this expansive family house serves a unique purpose, offering immaculate views of Camps Bay beach, Lion’s Head, and Table Mountain. The clever use of daylighting, large clerestory windows, and meticulous outdoor spaces create a seamless connection between the indoors and the grandeur of the surrounding nature. This unique approach to design not only offers stunning vistas but also ensures utmost privacy, making UT 41 a haven of luxury and tranquility.

F 24 by Renato Graca

FeaturedF 24 by Renato Graca

Escape to the stunning F 24, a breathtaking holiday retreat designed by the illustrious Renato Graca.

Nestled in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, renowned for its scenic beauty, this luxury abode offers a unique blend of minimalist design and sophisticated engineering. It’s a haven that masterfully merges the indoors and outdoors, offering unobstructed views of the iconic Camps Bay and the Indian Ocean. This enchanting abode redefines luxury living, giving its European clients an unforgettable summer getaway. Let’s journey together into this architectural masterpiece.