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Granville Apartment by Cartelle Design

FeaturedGranville Apartment by Cartelle Design

Explore the Granville Apartment, a perfect blend of mid-century and luxurious aesthetics nestled in the heart of Saint Petersburg, Russia, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and splendid architecture. This resplendent home, envisioned by the eminent Cartelle Design in 2020, was curated for a young couple with a penchant for minimalism and class. Through a modern reinterpretation of classical elements, the design offers a spacious and brightly lit ambiance, devoid of any clutter.

The thoughtful layout optimizes every square inch (1 square meter), delivering functional elegance. From a combined kitchen-living space featuring a dedicated office area to a private master suite with an attached dressing room and bathroom, the apartment is a testament to smart and stylish living. The decor’s simplicity is complemented by modern, minimalist lighting, lending a sleek appeal to each room. All these elements come together in a harmonious palette of white, black, and natural wood, creating an interior as captivating as the city it resides in.