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Spectacular Luxury Home: A Custom Designed Oasis in the Heart of Spain

FeaturedModern, sleek house with clean lines, large windows, pool, and landscaped yard.

In the heart of Madrid, Spain, Casas inHAUS has designed a spectacular luxury home that seamlessly blends modern architecture and custom features. This modular, two-story house boasts a unique O-shaped floor plan, rounded volumes, and the use of high-quality materials like technological wood, creating a visually captivating and tailored living experience for its discerning client.

With an independent annex, a paddle tennis court, and over 1000 square meters of landscaped area, this magnificent property offers the ultimate in sophisticated, custom-designed living.

Luxury Prefabricated House: Inside Madrid’s Oasis of Sophistication

FeaturedModern single-story home with clean lines, glass walls, and a rectangular pool.

Explore the Luxury Prefabricated House in Madrid, Spain, designed by Casas inHAUS in 2024. This high-end modular home merges Mediterranean style with modern prefabrication, featuring a unique O-shaped layout across 275 sqm (2,960 sq ft). With three complete suites, a game room, and a captivating central courtyard, it blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art design within a two-story structure.

Modern House in Valencia: A Modular Masterpiece

Contemporary home with large pool and flat roof design.

Discover the elegance of Modern House in Valencia, a custom-built, L-shaped modular home by Casas inHAUS. This architectural marvel, nestled in a prestigious Valencia neighborhood, Spain, marries modern design with Mediterranean flair. White finishes and technological woods adorn the exterior, offering an elegant rhythm to the façade while ensuring harmony with its wooded surroundings.

Designed in 2024, this house showcases avant-garde design made tangible in just 5 months, proving that luxury and efficiency can coexist beautifully.

Luxury Villa in Sotogrande: A Modern Spanish Oasis

FeaturedModern house with large windows overlooking a swimming pool and garden.

Step into a world where modern luxury meets Mediterranean elegance at the Luxury Villa in Sotogrande, Spain. Masterfully designed by Casas Inhaus in 2023, this single-story residence is a testament to contemporary design, featuring an innovative M-shaped layout and industrialized modular construction. The property, embraced by Rocío Sainz de Rozas’ captivating landscape design with its vine-dominated vegetation, presents a tranquil retreat. The villa, along with its delightful ‘pool house’, invites you into a space of seamless integration between spacious living areas, a high-end kitchen, and a private master suite.

This suite is an epitome of privacy and extravagance, complete with an outdoor shower, perfect for summertime indulgence.

Mediterranean Style House: Traditional Balearic Charm Meets Modern Design

Mediterranean Style House: Traditional Balearic Charm Meets Modern Design

In the heart of Mallorca, Spain—known for its idyllic beaches and rich culture — Casas InHAUS unveils a masterpiece. The Mediterranean Style House exudes modern flair while paying homage to Balearic architectural traditions.

With its ventilated porcelain façade and meticulous redesign from the Alcudia model, this modular two-story home artfully combines sophistication with the warmth of Mediterranean materials.

Casa Moraira: A Testament to Modern Prefab Design

FeaturedCasa Moraira: A Testament to Modern Prefab Design

Immerse yourself in the allure of Casa Moraira, a two-story prefab house nestled in the enchanting landscape of Barcelona, Spain. This modern masterpiece, designed by the renowned Casas inHaus, harmoniously blends the charm of the sea breeze with the tranquility of the Mediterranean forest. The house’s exterior, characterized by its rounded volumes and continuous white cladding, is complemented by a stone masonry plinth, adding a touch of Mediterranean vernacular character to this 21st-century abode.

Step inside to discover a living space that exudes warmth and fluidity, thanks to a double-sided fireplace and a large glass facade that blurs the boundaries between the interior and exterior. The blue-toned kitchen communicates seamlessly with the living room, while the top floor houses a master bedroom with expansive garden views. This premium modular housing, originating from the Moraira model of inHAUS Catalog 111, is a testament to the advantages of industrialized construction and turnkey service.

House in Menorca: A Modern Prefab Marvel Amidst Balearic Beauty

House in Menorca: A Modern Prefab Marvel Amidst Balearic Beauty

Dive into the enchanting world of prefab architecture with the House in Menorca, Spain. Designed by the renowned Casas inHAUS, this modern, eco-friendly home effortlessly blends with the rich cultural landscape of Menorca, a UNESCO biosphere natural reserve.

Embrace the harmonious fusion of traditional Balearic architecture and innovative prefab construction in this captivating island paradise.