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Ylja House: Icelandic Vacation Residence

A modern, two-story structure with a metal facade and large windows, nestled in a grassy landscape.

Designed by the renowned ED | DE Arquitectura, the Ylja House in Grimsnes, Iceland, offers a serene sanctuary for a Mexican-Icelandic family seeking warmth and connection with nature. This single-story residence with a mezzanine blends seamlessly into its surroundings, featuring a curated neutral palette and strategic glazing to maximize captivating views of the lake and ever-changing fields. Crafted with a deep respect for the natural environment, the house symbolizes the unity between family and nature, embodying the Icelandic word for ‘warmth’.

Flesaasveien: Elegant Timber Villas Nestled in Oslo

Modern wooden and glass exterior with a spacious deck and lush garden surroundings.

Oslotre Arkitekter‘s two-villa project on Flesaasveien in Oslo, Norway, showcases a harmonious blend of contemporary design and seamless integration with the surrounding landscape. Boasting a simple yet striking architectural approach, the villas feature a combination of curves and straight lines, offering a refreshing and modern aesthetic. Carefully designed to preserve views from the existing house while providing privacy, the properties maximize natural light and scenic vistas towards the distant fjord.

Terrace House: Sustainable Italian Design with Minimal Impact

A modern home with a stone exterior, large windows, and a raised grass lawn surrounded by trees.

Ramp Studio‘s latest masterpiece, the Terrace House, stands tall in Imperia, Italy, showcasing a contemporary design that seamlessly blends with the region’s strict seismic regulations and cultural heritage constraints.

This exceptional residence boasts an array of sustainable features, including a wooden CLT panel structure, a 100% electricity-powered operation with 50% derived from PV panels, and a water-efficient landscape with native plant species and rainwater harvesting for irrigation. The Terrace House has achieved the highest energy performance rating (A4) in the Italian system, making it a shining example of eco-conscious architecture.

Forest Cabin: A Modern Escape in Prague’s Natural Landscape

Contemporary A-frame house with contrasting siding and open patio.

Discover Forest Cabin, a serene retreat designed by Archicraft in Prague, Czech Republic. This 2023 project transforms traditional cabin living, offering a cozy escape surrounded by nature. Through the use of sustainable materials and innovative design, this cabin epitomizes modern comfort and environmental harmony, perfect for those seeking peace away from city life.