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Brejos da Carregueira House: Inside Portugal’s Contemporary Holiday Home

Modern white house with large windows and a pool.

Discover the Brejos da Carregueira House, a 2021 masterpiece by Estúdio AMATAM located in Comporta, Portugal. This private residence skillfully merges modern design with traditional Portuguese elements to create a luxurious holiday retreat. The house’s unique geometric exterior, coupled with its innovative use of space and light, crafts an inviting environment that honors its vernacular roots while offering a contemporary living experience.

Comporta 107: A Modern Beach Retreat by dEMM Arquitectura

FeaturedComporta 107: A Modern Beach Retreat by dEMM Arquitectura

Discover Comporta 107, an architectural gem by Demm Arquitectura in Comporta, Portugal. This modern beach house effortlessly captures the essence of its surroundings, from the pristine beaches to the verdant pine forests.

Nestled amid sand dunes and flanked by rice fields, its design beautifully merges the outdoors with the indoors, using materials like exposed concrete, textured wood, and sand-colored natural stones adorned with fossil imprints. Experience a flawless blend of nature and luxury where each space is purposefully crafted to bring the raw beauty of Comporta’s landscape right into your living room.