Brejos da Carregueira House: Inside Portugal’s Contemporary Holiday Home

Discover the Brejos da Carregueira House, a 2021 masterpiece by Estúdio AMATAM located in Comporta, Portugal. This private residence skillfully merges modern design with traditional Portuguese elements to create a luxurious holiday retreat. The house’s unique geometric exterior, coupled with its innovative use of space and light, crafts an inviting environment that honors its vernacular roots while offering a contemporary living experience.

Modern white house with large windows and a pool.
Modern house exterior with wooden doors, a small pool, and a patio table.
Modern living room with high ceiling, staircase, and fireplace.
Modern living room with white walls, high ceiling, staircase, and minimalist decor.
Sophisticated dining area with exposed concrete ceiling and minimalist staircase.
Modern kitchen interior with white walls, concrete counter, and wooden stool.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, concrete countertops, and a staircase.
Minimalist white hallway with a person in a hat, wooden railing, and a
Minimalist bedroom with white linens and wooden herringbone ceiling.
Minimalist bedroom with white walls, concrete floor, and yellow throw blanket.
Minimalist white bedroom with natural light and simple furnishings.
Minimalist bedroom with white walls, a bed, and a view to the outdoors
Bright outdoor patio with wooden furniture and built-in kitchenette.
Minimalist cubic white building with sparse fenestration against a blue sky.
Contemporary house with pool at twilight

About Brejos da Carregueira House

Introducing Modern Luxury with a Traditional Twist

Conceived by the visionary minds at Estúdio AMATAM, the Brejos da Carregueira House stands as a testament to innovative architecture in Comporta, Portugal. Designed in 2021, this private residence is a modern marvel that pays homage to the essence of Portuguese holiday homes. The house is architecturally defined by two rectangular volumes that exhibit simple, contemporary shapes yet subtly nod to the rustic charm of traditional country houses. This dialogue between modernity and tradition is a key aspect of the home’s allure, offering a unique living experience that celebrates Portugal’s architectural heritage.

A Harmony of Form and Function

The exterior of the house showcases an elegant, geometric form that encapsulates the spirit of modern design while embracing materials characteristic of vernacular architecture, such as wooden shutters and ceramic lining. These elements, reimagined for contemporary lifestyles, enrich the home’s aesthetic and functional appeal. Inside, the house reveals an inventive spatial configuration marked by variable ceiling heights influenced by gabled roofs typical of traditional architecture. This strategic design not only enhances the visual space but also clearly delineates the social areas of the home—the living room and kitchen—each characterized by a distinct ambiance.

Embracing Outdoor Living

True to the ethos of vacation living, the Brejos da Carregueira House extends its luxury to the outdoors. The main social spaces, including a dining area complete with a barbecue, shaded areas for relaxation, and a swimming pool, are thoughtfully arranged within a private patio. This seamless integration of indoor and outdoor areas encourages social interaction and engagement with the natural surroundings.

Moreover, privacy is meticulously considered, with the house’s entrance discreetly concealed behind a wall that ensures a secluded and intimate atmosphere from the moment one enters the property. The result of this comprehensive design approach is a harmonious residence that embodies the richness of interior spaces, minimalistic elegance, and a profound connection to its rural setting.

By marrying the contemporary with the traditional, and the indoor with the outdoor, the Brejos da Carregueira House by Estúdio AMATAM redefines the concept of a holiday home in Comporta, Portugal. Through its thoughtful design and spatial richness, it stands not just as a building, but as a celebration of Portuguese architectural tradition reinterpreted for the modern dweller.

Photography by Garcês
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- by Matt Watts