Golf Architecture Project: Blending Luxury with Nature’s Serenity

Discover the Golf Architecture Project, designed by Ábaton in 2023, nestled against the serene backdrop of a lush golf course in Madrid, Spain. This private house masterpiece skillfully respects pre-existing vegetation, marrying breathtaking views with a family-centric design, all while incorporating elements of nature into its modern architecture.

Contemporary white house with large windows, surrounded by greenery.
Modern living room with a dark sofa, tan chairs, art decorations, and a
Modern living room opening to a garden with large sliding glass doors.
Sleek dining room with yellow chairs, large window, and abstract art.
Modern interior with concrete staircase, wood paneling, and hanging blue light fixture.
Contemporary living room with concrete staircase and plush sofas.
Modern living room interior with concrete ceiling, staircase, and stylish furniture.
Modern kitchen interior with a view of the garden through large windows.
Modern kitchen interior with wooden table, black chairs, and pendant light.
Minimalist bedroom with large window and nature view.
Modern bathroom interior with a large mirror, vanity, and red patterned rug.
Tranquil garden with a rectangular pool surrounded by lush, colorful plants.

About Golf Architecture Project

An Oasis of Luxury and Nature

Designed by the renowned firm Ábaton, the Golf Architecture Project stands as a symbol of sophisticated living harmonized with the tranquility of nature. Situated in Madrid, Spain, this private residence has been articulated with keen attention to detail, aiming for a seamless integration with its surrounding landscape, especially the adjacent golf course.

Maximizing Views and Embracing the Outdoors

The architecture is distinguished by its firm volumes and a basement foundation that anchors the home. A significant design feature is the creation of elevated outdoor spaces, including a landscaped terrace and areas that offer panoramic views of the golf course, enabling residents to fully immerse in the beauty of their environment. The incorporation of expansive windows and strategically placed terraces and patios ensures that every room feels connected to the outdoors, bringing the calming essence of nature inside.

A Layout Built Around Family Life

Upon entering, visitors are welcomed by a pathway flanked with lush vegetation, leading to a double-height central living space that sets the tone for the entire home. The sculptural staircase not only serves as a functional element but as a striking design statement, linking various parts of the house. Private living quarters on the upper floor are thoughtfully arranged to foster family interactions, highlighted by a communal living area that serves as the heart of the home. The master bedroom, in particular, offers expansive views, acting as a picture frame for the ever-changing natural scenery.

Entertainment and Leisure Spaces

The basement is dedicated to entertainment and leisure, housing a games area, cinema, and billiard room, all interconnected with outdoor spaces like an English patio and a swimming pool. This design ensures that leisure activities are deeply ingrained in the home’s layout, promoting a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle.

Interior and Landscape Design Harmony

The completion of the Golf Architecture Project is marked by coherent interior design and landscaping efforts. The use of noble materials and warm wooden details throughout the interiors, coupled with a meticulous selection of New Perennial style landscaping, unifies the indoor and outdoor spaces. This approach not only accents the natural landscape of the site but also enhances the overall living experience by bridging the gap between built environment and nature.

Photography courtesy of Ábaton
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- by Matt Watts