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Renovation in Almagro: Elevating Apartment Living in Spain’s Heart

An open, airy living space with high ceilings, modern furnishings, and a stylish mix of textures.

Immerse yourself in the Renovation in Almagro—a 2021 masterpiece by Ábaton located in Madrid, Spain. This exquisite apartment redesign merges elegant space distribution with the charm of natural light, distinguishing private spaces from social ones with finesse. Discover how traditional elements like high ceilings and floral moldings blend with contemporary design to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Comprehensive Renovation: Inside Ábaton’s Madrid Apartment Transformation

FeaturedAiry, modern living space with built-in bookshelves, concrete beams, and eclectic furnishings.

In the heart of Madrid, Spain, the Comprehensive Renovation project by Ábaton brings to life an apartment that marries public and private spaces seamlessly. Through a smart reorganization and a focus on lighting contrasts, this project transforms how space is perceived. With original oak floors and a kitchen designed as the home’s focal point, Ábaton achieves a balance of comfort and style.

ÁRV8: Ábaton’s Vision of Eco-Friendly Urban Living

Contemporary living room with elegant purple sofa and minimalist decor.

Discover ÁRV8, Madrid, Spain’s pinnacle of multi-unit housing, designed by Ábaton in 2019. This structure stands out not just for its height but its innovative use of cross-laminated timber, enhancing both sustainability and energy efficiency. Each of the three unique homes within reflects a commitment to open, versatile spaces with a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, setting a new standard in urban living.

Ayala House: Unifying Spaces for a Modern Madrid Apartment

Bright living room with modern furniture and French doors.

Discover the transformation of Ayala House, a Madrid-based apartment redesigned in 2013 by Ábaton. This project showcases a modern and clean aesthetic, breathing new life into a traditional, compartmentalized space. By unifying spaces and maximizing natural light, Ábaton reinvented how the living, dining, and kitchen areas interact, moving private zones to the rear for enhanced tranquility.

V-E Project: Maximizing Natural Light & Scenery

Modern minimalist interior with wooden accents and geometric patterns.

Discover the V-E Project by Ábaton, a stunning house nestled in Madrid, Spain, that masterfully combines a sloped terrain with panoramic views of the Sierra. Designed in 2019, this home not only respects the surrounding landscape by preserving existing trees but also optimizes orientation for sunlight and scenery. A perfect blend of architecture and nature, it represents modern living at its best.