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Duplex with Panoramic Terrace: Inside the Chic Naples Home

A bright and modern balcony with lush vertical garden, large windows, and cozy seating.

Discover the Duplex with Panoramic Terrace in Naples, Italy, a masterpiece of modern architecture designed in 2023 by maurizio vesce architettura. This stunning apartment blends minimalist luxury with functional beauty, offering a unique living experience. From its sleek interiors to the lush vertical garden on the terrace, every detail is crafted to enhance urban living.

Castillejos II: Transforming Commercial Space into a Barcelona Loft

Minimalist white kitchen with clean lines and plants.

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of Castillejos II, a meticulous conversion project by LAMA studio, transforming a commercial space into a residential marvel in Barcelona, Spain. This apartment, nestled in the historic Eixample district, showcases an innovative mezzanine design, maximizing the use of its over 3-meter-high ceilings to create a unique, loft-style living experience. With spaces bathed in natural light and a careful blend of modern elements with traditional textures, Castillejos II represents contemporary living in a city cherished for its architecture.

Ayala House: Unifying Spaces for a Modern Madrid Apartment

Bright living room with modern furniture and French doors.

Discover the transformation of Ayala House, a Madrid-based apartment redesigned in 2013 by Ábaton. This project showcases a modern and clean aesthetic, breathing new life into a traditional, compartmentalized space. By unifying spaces and maximizing natural light, Ábaton reinvented how the living, dining, and kitchen areas interact, moving private zones to the rear for enhanced tranquility.

Sabino Apartment: Green Oasis in São Paulo’s Urban Jungle

Modern living room with wooden walls, a large sofa, and a flat-screen TV

Discover the urban oasis of Sabino Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, crafted by Matheus Farah e Manoel Maia Arquitetura in 2023. This contemporary apartment complex is a testament to innovative design, featuring lush green landscapes, a striking mural by Rodrigo Cass, and an array of amenities including a gym, pool, and relaxation terrace.

Experience the perfect blend of art, architecture, and modern living at Sabino Apartment.