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Step Inside the Mill House: A Creative Fusion of Past and Present

FeaturedStep Inside the Mill House: A Creative Fusion of Past and Present

Introducing The Mill House, a stunning fusion of traditional and modern design located in the charming village of Attard, Malta. Designed by Valentino Architects in 2022, this house seamlessly connects a cluster of Grade I and II Listed buildings, including a mill room dating back to the mid-to-late 16th century.

The design centers around an outdoor courtyard that serves as a connecting agent, allowing the separate living spaces to communicate with each other and the sun-soaked hearth of the home. A glazed walkway serves as a reflective layer of contrast between old and new, forming a lustrous perimeter along two internal facades. The walkway’s opacity changes throughout the day, creating different effects and views of the surrounding village. On the ground level, the dining and living areas look out to the courtyard, while tall cabinets punctuate the space, resembling minimalist boulders that double as doorways to tangential rooms.

Caribbean Courtyard Villa by Studio Saxe

Caribbean Courtyard Villa by Studio Saxe

Let the Caribbean breeze and lush jungle of Puerto Viejo, Limon whisk you away to paradise with Studio Saxe’s newest design – Caribbean Courtyard Villa. This stunning hotel was designed in 2021 with a modern tropical style that is both visually appealing and eco-friendly.

The villa consists of pavilions joined through a woven network of pergolas which blend into the surrounding environment for an immersive experience. Each room has been enclosed by walls and glass while respecting existing trees as they were placed around the property stepping down from topography gently with architecture.