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Flat CP: Contemporary Elegance in Avilés

Modern living room with elegant decor and a woman reading on the sofa.

Discover the transformative allure of Flat CP in Avilés, Spain, a 120m² (1292 sq ft) apartment masterfully redesigned by David Olmos Arquitectos. Nestled close to the historic heart of this Asturian town, this contemporary residence blends functionality with elegance.

Post-pandemic life demands spaces that are both private and productive; this home delivers with a dedicated work area, an en-suite bedroom with a dressing room, and a visually connected kitchen-lounge area. Unique curved furniture and a striking color palette of white and mink gray unite the space, embodying a seamless yet intimate living experience.

Apartment CV: A Harmonious Blend of Style & Space

FeaturedApartment CV: A Harmonious Blend of Style & Space

Apartment CV in Avilés, Spain, receives a stunning transformation by David Olmos Arquitectos. Located near the city’s historic heart, this apartment’s redesign showcases a spacious living area, a versatile multi-use room, and an open-plan kitchen with dining space. The renovation skillfully combines oak wood, olive green, and white to create a harmonious balance of style and practicality.