Flat CP: Contemporary Elegance in Avilés

Discover the transformative allure of Flat CP in Avilés, Spain, a 120m² (1292 sq ft) apartment masterfully redesigned by David Olmos Arquitectos. Nestled close to the historic heart of this Asturian town, this contemporary residence blends functionality with elegance.

Post-pandemic life demands spaces that are both private and productive; this home delivers with a dedicated work area, an en-suite bedroom with a dressing room, and a visually connected kitchen-lounge area. Unique curved furniture and a striking color palette of white and mink gray unite the space, embodying a seamless yet intimate living experience.

Modern living room with elegant decor and a woman reading on the sofa.
Modern living room with sleek furniture and a unique pendant light.
Modern living room with backlit shelves and Scandinavian-style furniture.
Modern living room with gray tones and backlit shelving.
Modern dining room with wooden table, grey chairs, and statement pendant light.
Modern dining room with wooden table, chairs, and colorful artwork.
Modern kitchen interior with marble countertops and woman standing by the sink.
Modern kitchen with marble countertops, gray cabinets, and pendant lights.
Modern interior with curved gray walls and wooden shelving.
Modern home office with a black desk, ergonomic chairs, and wooden accents.
Modern home office with sleek furniture and neutral tones.
Modern minimalist bedroom with neutral tones and a person walking towards a corridor.
Modern bedroom with neutral colors and framed art above the bed.
Modern bathroom interior with wooden vanity and rectangular basin.
Modern bathroom with gray walls, wood floor, and open door.

About Flat CP

Revitalizing Flat CP: A Blend of History and Modernity

In Avilés, a charming Asturian town, we undertook the renovation of a 120m² (1292 sq ft) apartment in a sizable residential building, located near the historic center. This apartment features a unique horizontal layout, extending from the main facade to the courtyard facade.

Maximizing Space: Creative Design Solutions

The south-facing main facade houses the living room and a large bedroom, complete with a covered terrace. Conversely, the courtyard side hosts the kitchen, a small dining area, a service room, and the main bedroom. Interestingly, these two areas do not directly connect. The main access, toilets, and bathrooms are strategically situated between them.

Post-Pandemic Living: Tailored to New Normals

The owners envisioned a post-pandemic design. They wanted an independent, well-lit, and quiet workspace within the home. Additionally, their wish list included a bedroom with an en-suite dressing room and bathroom, and a spacious kitchen with informal dining, visually connected to the living room and a game table.

Harmonious Interiors: The Power of Curved Furniture

In this renovation, we aimed to connect the various spaces as seamlessly as possible, avoiding any disproportion. Here, curved furniture plays a pivotal role, softly and fluidly defining different areas. As in our previous projects, all furniture is set off by a faux upper beam, serving as a conduit for installations without compromising the living spaces’ ceiling height. Lastly, the dominant white walls contrast beautifully with the wooden shelves, sometimes open on both sides, and the unifying mink gray color.

Final Touches: A Palette of Elegance

The final design boasts a palette of elegance, with white walls and mink gray accents, ensuring a harmonious and inviting living space.

Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio

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- by Matt Watts