Casa AZG: A Modern Twist on Turin’s Historical Elegance

Step inside Casa AZG, a gem of a high-floor apartment set in a prestigious 1960s building in Turin, Italy, with views stretching over Valentino Park. Redesigned in 2023 by the renowned Idaa Architetti, this space is a testament to contemporary elegance meeting historical allure.

Modern living room with a dining area, sofa, and large windows.
Modern living room with a white sofa, wooden floors, and minimalist decor.
Modern minimalist living room with wall-mounted TV and floating shelves.
Modern living room with minimalist built-in cabinet and herringbone floor.
Modern dining room with marble table, textured walls, and pendant lights.
Modern dining room with a white table, grey chairs, pendant light, and a
Modern kitchen interior with sleek countertops and red stools by a window with a view.
Modern interior with marble walls and archway, contrasting light and dark design elements.
Balcony with red flowers lining the railing overlooking a cityscape.

About Casa AZG

Revitalizing a 60s Gem

We transformed a high-floor apartment in a prestigious 1960s building, set against the picturesque Valentino Park backdrop. This renovation project boldly reimagines the existing spaces, notably enhancing the natural light. Consequently, it creates a spacious living area with fresh perspectives of the park and Turin’s hills.

Modern Meets Traditional

Moreover, introducing a new bathroom allowed us to rethink the main distribution elements. This change skillfully contrasts the modern gres flooring with classic parquet. This interplay between new and old adds a dynamic yet harmonious feel to the apartment.

A Symphony of Colors

Finally, the renovation culminates in a chromatic harmony. It beautifully mirrors the seasonal colors of Valentino Park, blending the interior with the natural surroundings. This design approach ensures that the apartment remains vibrant and inviting all year round.

Photography courtesy of IDAA architetti

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- by Matt Watts