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Gallery 6 One by Debaixo do Bloco

Gallery 6 One by Debaixo do Bloco

Step into the world of Gallery 6 One, a captivating concrete art gallery designed by Debaixo do Bloco Arquitetura. Located in Brasilia, Brazil, this 105 m² (1,130 sq ft) space boasts a unique and rustic design that emphasizes its authentic features.

Explore the gallery’s intriguing history, warm furnishings, and remarkable architectural elements inspired by the works of Niemeyer.

AP 3 Zero 8 by Debaixo do Bloco

FeaturedAP 3 Zero 8 by Debaixo do Bloco

Welcome to AP 3 Zero 8, a stunning modernist home nestled in the heart of Brasília, Brazil. Transformed by the visionary team at Debaixo do Bloco, this spacious 110 m2 (1,184 sq ft) apartment fuses the city’s signature modernist architecture with the comfort of contemporary living.

Steeped in the rich architectural heritage of Brasília, known globally for its modernist cityscape, AP 3 Zero 8 stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant design culture. Here, large windows and cobogos, a staple of Brasília architecture, form the canvas for a home that celebrates connectivity, natural light, and the illustrious Brazilian design aesthetic.