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Freebird: Transformative Indonesian House Design

FeaturedLush tropical garden surrounds modern pool house with expansive wooden deck and seating area.

Boasting a striking ‘H’-shaped layout, the captivating Freebird residence in Indonesia, designed by Alexis Dornier in 2023, seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living. Featuring a living room suspended above the swimming pool, this transformative space showcases retractable glass walls that blur the boundaries between the home and its lush tropical surroundings. Sustainability is a cornerstone of the design, with the expertise of Eco Mantra significantly reducing the property’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Domaine de Gory: Reclaimed Sheepfold Transformed into Holiday Cottage

Modern, minimalist cabin with glass walls and gable roof nestled in a forested setting.

Domaine de Gory, a striking retreat designed by TAUTEM Architecture, emerges in the picturesque Haute-Loire region of France. This eco-responsible project seamlessly blends local craftsmanship with a modern approach, offering guests the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in nature. The transformation of a historic sheepfold into a cozy holiday cottage, coupled with the construction of a new wooden chalet, showcases TAUTEM’s commitment to sustainable design and preserving the essence of the landscape.

MapleHaus: Sustainable Architecture in the High Desert of Utah

A modern, wooden cabin-style structure nestled among lush, forested hills.

KLIMA architecture‘s latest residential design, MapleHaus, is a captivating example of energy-efficient living in Park City, United States. This 2500 sq ft house, completed in 2021, features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, seamlessly blending modern design with Passive House building principles. Clad in weathering Corten steel, the home’s exterior will gracefully age over time, offering a high fire rating in the high desert mountain environment. With a focus on maximizing livable space and minimizing waste, the project’s innovative 12’x12′ grid system and material palette exemplify the architectural firm’s commitment to sustainable, thoughtful design.

Net Zero Home: Exploring Dynamic Open-Plan Living

Modern home with wooden siding, large windows, and an inviting pool surrounded by lush greenery.

This innovative Net Zero Home, designed by Martin Architects in New York, NY, offers a striking example of sustainable design. The project, completed in 2019, features a modular steel shell and a unique “T” layout that overcomes site restrictions and cost considerations. The open-concept public living area is complemented by a second-floor studio, accessible via a dynamic staircase. This house exemplifies the balance between functional design and environmental responsibility, making it a standout in the world of sustainable architecture.

AB House: A Revolution in Tropical Luxury and Sustainability

FeaturedInviting indoor-outdoor living space with modern wooden and stone architecture.

Discover the AB House, designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura in 2016, located in the serene Angra dos Reis, Brazil. This house exemplifies state-of-the-art sustainable design, merging two levels of sophisticated living spaces with inviting nature into every room. Through thoughtful design and use of prefabricated materials, it achieves a minimal environmental footprint while offering luxurious indoor and outdoor areas.

Buen Retiro: A Modern Retreat Blending with Roccasparvera’s Nature

A modern, glass-walled cabin nestled in a lush forest, offering views of the surrounding landscape.

Discover Buen Retiro, a striking retreat nestled in Roccasparvera, Italy, designed by the talented Dario Castellino in 2023. This architectural marvel seamlessly blends modern design with the serene beauty of the Stura Valley, offering a unique sanctuary that respects and revitalizes its natural and historical setting. Utilizing sustainable materials and techniques, Buen Retiro stands as a testament to innovative, eco-friendly design.

The Slate Residence: Inside Quebec’s Luxurious Single-Level Home

Minimalist interior design with suspended moss spheres, wood paneling, and large artwork.

Discover The Slate Residence, designed by Blouin Tardif Architecture in 2023. This house located in Montreal, Canada, redefines luxurious living with its blend of eco-friendly features and modern design. Set on the serene Lake of Two Mountains, it integrates seamlessly with its natural surroundings, offering unparalleled views and a tranquil atmosphere. The house showcases innovative architectural features, prioritizing sustainability and accessibility across its single level.

Casa ATO: Elevating Eco-Friendly Design in San Isidro

Contemporary house with metal facade elevated above a pool and terrace area, surrounded by

Casa ATO, designed by IR Arquitectura in San Isidro, Argentina, is a groundbreaking house that embodies eco-friendly living. Completed in 2020, this residence not only respects the local ecological reserve but enhances it, integrating pre-existing natural elements like old trees and a swimming pool into its design. The structure promotes a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature through smart, sustainable architecture, ensuring both thrive in harmony.