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Hale Hapuna Residence: Innovating Tropical Living

A contemporary beachside home with an expansive open-plan layout and reflecting pool.

Immersed in the stunning southern shores of Kauai, Hawaii, the Hale Hapuna Residence by Eerkes Architects redefines luxury living. This beautifully designed house intertwines family connections with the breathtaking landscape and seascape of Kauai. Utilizing natural materials like lava and coral, it showcases sophisticated indoor-outdoor living, offering views of iconic Mount Haupu and panoramic sunsets over Kukui’ula harbor.

Point White Residence: Inside Bainbridge Island’s Tranquil Home

Modern wooden home with landscaped garden and concrete steps.

Explore the serene Point White Residence by Eerkes Architects on Bainbridge Island, WA. This architectural gem, centered around tranquility and nature, seamlessly combines contemporary design with the lush outdoors. From the entrance marked by rhythmic concrete steps to expansive glass walls and wood ceilings blending indoors and out, discover a home where every space tells a story of harmony and sophisticated design.

Hale Akoakoa Residence: Vernacular Design in Hawaii

FeaturedHale Akoakoa Residence: Vernacular Design in Hawaii

Discover the Hale Akoakoa Residence in Kauai, Hawaii, a striking example of vernacular architecture by Eerkes Architects. This unique house is masterfully perched on a hillside, offering breathtaking views of the South Shore.

Designed as a trio of interconnected ‘islands’, it harmoniously integrates with the challenging topography. The central island, hosting the main living areas and a chic swimming pool, stands proudly along the ridge’s center. Encircled by two bedroom wings, the Primary Suite overlooks a tranquil valley, while the guest rooms enjoy sunrise and vast ocean vistas.

Hale Hali’a Aloha Residence: A Tropical Paradise

Hale Hali’a Aloha Residence: A Tropical Paradise

Hale Hali’a Aloha Residence, crafted by Eerkes Architects, stands as a 2023 architectural marvel in Princeville, Hawaii. Embracing Kaua’i’s breathtaking scenery, the house offers panoramic views of Kalihiwai Bay and Kilauea Point.

Its unique design features sloped and flat roofs, integrating with the lush greenery. The interior boasts an internal garden with views of Hihimanu peak and waterfalls, while adaptable wooden screens on the exterior harmonize with Hawaii’s diverse climate, creating a tranquil tropical retreat.