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A Home on the Edge of a Forest: A Sanctuary Nestled in the Lush Landscape

A cozy, wood-paneled bedroom with a large window overlooking a snowy landscape.

In the heart of London’s outskirts, a captivating home by Horomy Studio seamlessly blends into the edge of a lush forest, offering its residents a remarkable connection to nature. This 2023 house project, situated along the Finnish Gulf, showcases a clever design that maximizes panoramic views while integrating discreet high-tech engineering for exceptional functionality and efficiency.

Woodland House: A Modern Eco Home in Devon by AR Design Studio

Contemporary two-story house with angular black exterior and large windows overlooking green landscape.

Discover Woodland House, a bespoke contemporary house in Devon, England, designed by AR Design Studio in 2022. This real estate gem is a modern escape into the tranquility of rural life, blending energy efficiency with elegant design. Crafted to be both a cozy haven for two and a spacious holiday home for family, Woodland House exemplifies the perfect balance between modern living and natural beauty.

House in Hampstead: A 1926 Detached Home’s Modern Transformation

House in Hampstead: A 1926 Detached Home’s Modern Transformation

In the heart of London’s esteemed Hampstead, Mark Zudini masterfully revitalized the House in Hampstead, an extension to a historic detached house built in 1926.

With the prime objective of crafting a timeless ambiance, Zudini seamlessly blended the home’s rich history with modern design elements, resulting in spaces both warm and grand—perfect for gatherings large and small.

Low Energy House: Revamping a Historic Home in London

Low Energy House: Revamping a Historic Home in London

This Edwardian terrace in Muswell Hill, London, has been expertly refurbished by Ben Ridley, Director at Architecture for London, to reduce energy requirements and create a comfortable, low energy house.

Triple glazing and improved airtightness and insulation of the building envelope, as well as a 172mm SIPS (6.77in) rear extension with highly insulated materials, have achieved a Passivhaus standard U-value of 0.15 or better (1.59 W/m2K). Further, natural materials like stone, timber and lime plaster were used throughout, and a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) system was installed to provide pre-heated fresh air and filter the incoming air for a healthy indoor environment.