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MH House: Modern Design Meets Tradition in Sintra

Modern two-story white house with large windows and wooden details.

MH House, designed by Esquissos in 2023 and located in scenic Sintra, Portugal, exemplifies modern house design. This home masterfully combines organic materials with bold geometry, offering a stunning example of contemporary architectural practice. Inside, the open-plan living space and elegant design mirror the beauty of its lush surroundings, making it a standout in modern real estate.

BD Houses by Esquissos – Arquitectura e Consultoria

BD Houses by Esquissos – Arquitectura e Consultoria

Introducing BD Houses – a unique set of three twin-houses located in Sintra, Portugal, designed by Esquissos – Arquitectura e Consultoria.

This project is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design styles, providing an innovative and modern look to the traditional Portuguese architecture. The houses are designed in a way to ensure the privacy of the outdoor spaces and connect to the landscape harmoniously. The use of slabs creates a relationship between the street and the houses, minimizing the impact on the surroundings.

Sintra, known for its outstanding natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, is the perfect location for these exquisite BD Houses.