MH House: Modern Design Meets Tradition in Sintra

MH House, designed by Esquissos in 2023 and located in scenic Sintra, Portugal, exemplifies modern house design. This home masterfully combines organic materials with bold geometry, offering a stunning example of contemporary architectural practice. Inside, the open-plan living space and elegant design mirror the beauty of its lush surroundings, making it a standout in modern real estate.

Modern two-story white house with large windows and wooden details.
Contemporary white house with large windows, wooden deck, and swimming pool.
Open-plan living space with large windows and wooden floors.
Modern home interior with wooden staircase and open-plan living space.
Modern living room with hardwood floors, large windows, and a TV setup.
A bright modern kitchen with colorful chairs, pendant light, and floor-to-ceiling
Bright, eclectic kitchen with mint cabinets and colorful dining area.
Modern two-story home with open courtyard and geometric design.
Modern white building with glass facade and landscaped garden.

About MH House

Architectural Mastery in Sintra: The MH House

Nestled in the scenic Sintra, Portugal, the MH House emerges as a testament to modern design by the acclaimed Esquissos. Recently designed in 2023, this house blends bold geometry with organic materials to stunning effect. The facade is a harmony of crisp white volumes and warm wooden slats, promising a narrative of style and substance.

Elegance Beyond the Threshold

Stepping inside, the open-plan living area greets visitors with sunlight streaming through wide glass panes. Seamless transitions between inner and outer spaces define this design, where minimalistic furniture and vibrant color accents are thoughtfully placed on natural wood flooring. The room breathes functionality and leisure, setting a precedent for modern living.

A Harmony of Light and Space

As one glides through the interior, an elegant staircase creates a visual axis leading to the upper sanctuary. Here, private quarters maintain the home’s airy ethos, ensuring every space is imbued with tranquility. Back downstairs, the kitchen’s playful green cabinetry and dining area invite gathering and culinary exploration–the heart of the home.

Emerging onto the patio, the architectural narrative concludes with an embrace of the outdoors. A pristine swimming pool, flanked by lush greenery, reflects the sky above, echoing the home’s synergy with its environment. The MH House stands as a pinnacle of Esquissos’s vision, firmly rooted in its Portuguese heritage.

Photography by Nuno Almendra
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- by Matt Watts