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Habka House: A Closer Look at Brasilia’s Sustainable Home Design

FeaturedMinimalist concrete interior with modern furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows, and lush greenery.

The Habka House, designed by Estúdio MRGB in Brasília, Brazil, is a remarkable example of architectural simplicity that seamlessly integrates with its surrounding landscape. This 2021 residential project showcases the designer’s ability to navigate the site’s complex topography, access, and environmental preservation area, resulting in a harmonious and captivating design.

Ribas House: Estúdio MRGB’s Concrete & Steel Masterpiece

FeaturedModern, angular building with glass facade and concrete accents. Recessed entryway and bike parked outside.

Approximately 20 kilometers from Brasília’s Plano Piloto, the Ribas House by Estúdio MRGB showcases a thoughtful balance between private and social spaces. Designed in 2018, this Brazilian house features a unique layout with four reinforced concrete walls anchoring two parallel metallic pavilions, creating a central courtyard that brings light and vegetation to the living areas.

Petry House: Crafting a Pavilion-Style Residence in Brasília

Sleek, modern architecture with a pool and lush tropical landscaping create a serene outdoor oasis.

Designed by the renowned Estúdio MRGB, the Petry House in Brasília, Brazil, is a captivating example of modern residential architecture. This 470m² house, nestled within a condominium, seamlessly blends with the surrounding neighborhood through a meticulous integration of the site’s unique topography and scale. The lower ground floor, strategically positioned one meter and twenty centimeters below street level, showcases the home’s democratic living spaces, while the upper level houses the private bedrooms and intimate family areas, creating a harmonious balance between public and private zones.