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Courtyard House: Revolutionizing Suburban Family Living in Mill Valley

Contemporary glass-walled home with open-concept living space, wood deck, and modern furnishings.

The Courtyard House in Mill Valley, California, designed by Michael Hennessey Architecture in 2023, exemplifies a thoughtful renovation of a suburban home. Tailored for a young family, it marries the past with the present, and indoor spaces with the surrounding landscapes, showcasing an open floor plan and a central courtyard that enrich family life and interaction with nature.

Lang 靚: A Wellness-Inspired Melbourne Home

FeaturedA modern gray building with geometric patterns and large glass windows, a person and a bicycle visible.

Discover the Lang 靚 in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Austin Maynard Architects in 2024. This double-story residence, located in South Yarra, is a stunning representation of a wellness-enhancing home that cleverly maximizes open spaces, natural light, and connections to nature. Its design eschews traditional hallways for a clutter-free living environment, promoting a serene and inspirational lifestyle.

Apartment 801: A Modern Home with Traditional Touches

Modern living room with sectional sofa and open kitchen.

Located in Ahmedabad, India, Apartment 801 is a masterfully designed apartment by Neev Design Studio, tailored for a young couple and their daughters. Crafted in 2022, this real estate marvel seamlessly merges modern design philosophies with traditional elements, creating a cozy and aesthetically pleasing environment. From custom-made furniture to intelligent space utilization, the project encapsulates a home that reflects the family’s personality and lifestyle, making every corner meaningful and functional.

Rift House and Its Nature-Infused Living Spaces: A Seoul Masterpiece

Minimalist urban building with horizontal lines and large windows.

Discover Rift House, a distinctive family home designed by LJL Architects in Seoul, South Korea, in 2023. This urban hillside house offers separate living spaces for both parents and children, alongside shared areas that deeply connect with nature. The design intelligently addresses privacy while embracing the surrounding landscape, including a view of Namsan Mountain and a courtyard that protects a venerable persimmon tree.

Morphosis House: A Modern Home in San Isidro, Argentina

Modern two-story house with geometric design, wood accents, and car parked outside.

Discover Morphosis House in San Isidro, Argentina, designed by Estudio PK – Ignacio Pessagno & Lilian Kandus in 2022. This modern house spans three levels, ingeniously compacting living spaces to cater to lifestyles and social gatherings. It features noble materials and thoughtful integration with nature, creating a cozy and welcoming environment for both family and friends.

MYNZ3: A Duplex in Tel Aviv with Stunning Sea and City Views

Sleek monochromatic living space with a dog on the sofa.

Discover MYNZ3, a duplex apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Studio ETN. Spanning 105 square meters, this property merges industrial charm with luxurious living. Its unique structure offers views of the sea, Jaffa, and Tel Aviv’s skyline. Studio ETN‘s innovative design includes a spacious kitchen, two bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms, enhancing hospitality and family life.