Courtyard Villa: Warm and Inviting Family Home in Israel

Situated in a moshav in the Sharon region of Israel, the Courtyard Villa by designer Keren Gans is a one-story house that beautifully blends modern and eclectic styles. This warm, open, and inviting home was designed for a family of five, along with their dog and turtle, who had recently returned to Israel after an extended stay abroad.

The architectural envelope features inner courtyards, balconies, and pergolas, creating seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces that thoughtfully incorporate the family’s needs and the stunning surrounding landscape.

A modern, single-story building with large windows and a brick walkway surrounded by lush vegetation.
Spacious open-concept living area with wood shelving, gray sofa, and orange accent chair.
Spacious open-plan living area with large windows, built-in bookshelves, and plush sofas.
Sleek, modern kitchen with clean lines, wood accents, and integrated appliances.
Spacious kitchen with modern lighting, wooden dining table, and sleek cabinetry.
Tranquil bedroom with wooden platform bed, muted tones, and panoramic countryside view.
Modern, minimalist bathroom with sleek white vanity, circular mirrors, and tile wall.
Minimalist bathroom design with round mirror, wooden vanity, and black hardware.
Covered outdoor patio with wooden table, lounge chairs, and lush greenery surrounding.
Sleek modern patio with geometric patterned screens, lush greenery, and cozy seating.
Elegant mid-century modern home with expansive windows, surrounded by lush greenery.

About Courtyard Villa

Crafting a Harmonious Oasis: The Courtyard Villa

Nestled in the heart of a moshav in Israel’s Sharon region, the Courtyard Villa emerges as a captivating one-story house designed for a family of five, along with their beloved dog and turtle. (Approx. 2,000 sq ft/186 sq m)

After an extended stay abroad, the family returned to their roots and decided to build their dream home on a plot facing an open landscape of fields. Driven by a desire to create a warm, open, and inviting space, the design seamlessly blends modern and eclectic elements, offering a harmonious fusion of indoor and outdoor living.

Embracing Nature’s Embrace

Strategically positioned within the plot, the villa’s placement revolves around a magnificent pecan tree that the designers were determined to preserve. Visitors are welcomed through a spacious front garden, leading them to a patio defined by breeze block walls and then into the stunning interior, where they are immediately captivated by the ever-changing views of the surrounding fields.

Crafting Integrated Spaces

The architectural envelope of the Courtyard Villa boasts a thoughtful integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. Each indoor room is thoughtfully paired with its own outdoor area, creating a seamless flow and a sense of connection with the natural environment. Courtyards, balconies, and pergolas have been carefully designed to complement the overall aesthetic, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere.

A Harmonious Blend of Old and New

The design style of the Courtyard Villa is a harmonious blend of modern and eclectic elements, with a careful selection of colors, materials, and vintage items collected by the family over the years. The use of warm off-white shades, natural oak wood, and handmade Corten breeze blocks creates a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic that celebrates the mix of old and new.

Tailored to Family Living

At the heart of the Courtyard Villa is the family’s desire to create a human-scale yet spacious home that precisely meets their needs. The layout features a central living space that seamlessly flows into the outdoor areas, providing ample room for hosting family and friends. The parents’ wing and the children’s wing are thoughtfully designed to offer privacy and personalization, with each child’s room featuring its own intimate balcony.

Attention to Detail and Creativity

The Courtyard Villa is a true testament to the designer’s attention to detail and creative vision. From the custom-designed furniture and lighting fixtures to the innovative use of materials like Corten steel and resin finishes, every aspect of the home has been carefully considered. The bathrooms, in particular, showcase a playful and artistic approach, incorporating handmade tiles, colorful sinks, and unique decals.

A Harmonious Oasis

The Courtyard Villa stands as a harmonious oasis, blending modern and eclectic design elements to create a warm, inviting, and personalized living experience. Through its seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, thoughtful use of materials, and attention to the homeowners’ needs, this captivating residence offers a remarkable example of thoughtful and design-driven architecture.

Photography by Amit Geron
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- by Matt Watts