Waterfront Elegance by DKOR Interiors

Waterfront Elegance is a contemporary waterfront home situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, designed in 2015 by DKOR Interiors.

Spacious modern living room with wooden ceiling beams and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Warm wood beams on sloped ceiling contrast with sleek white walls and modern furnishings.
Luxurious Miami Beach living room with wraparound windows, modern furnishings, and scenic water views.
Spacious modern living room with sleek furnishings, large windows, and a statement TV unit.
Modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek furniture, and a striking chandelier.
Spacious living room with large windows overlooking scenic landscape, modern lighting fixtures.
Spacious modern dining room with sleek wooden table, woven chairs, and unique lighting.
Sleek, contemporary dining space with patterned lighting fixture and stone accent wall.
Striking contemporary dining room with marble table, chic chairs, and dramatic lighting overlooking water.
Spacious bedroom with minimalist furniture, hardwood floors, and large windows creating a serene ambiance.
A modern, spacious bedroom with a panoramic view of the water and palm trees.
Serene bedroom with modern furnishings, large window, and abstract area rug.
Spacious modern bedroom with wooden panels, minimalist furnishings, and large windows overlooking greenery.
Spacious modern bathroom with expansive vanity, large mirror, and sunken tub.

About Waterfront Elegance

Contemporary Living at Waterfront Elegance

As you approach “Waterfront Elegance,” the Florida sun reflects off the glass-paneled facade, casting the Fort Lauderdale waterfront into your view. Designed in 2015 by DKOR Interiors, this contemporary waterfront house merges crisp architecture with the fluidity of the surrounding waters. The exterior invites with clean lines and expansive windows, hinting at the sophisticated design within.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Experience

Crossing the threshold, the living area boasts floor-to-ceiling glass doors that retract to blend outdoor serenity with indoor comfort. Natural light floods the space, complementing the neutral tones and modern furniture. Step out onto the patio, and the distinction between inside and outside continues to blur, enhancing the home’s connection with its enviable location.

Heart of the Home

In the kitchen, functionality meets style with sleek cabinetry and state-of-the-art appliances. The room serves as the home’s hub, with a spacious island encouraging social cooking and dining experiences. White surfaces juxtapose with wood accents, creating a visual dialogue between warmth and minimalism.

The dining area, adjacent to the kitchen, hosts a statement table set under an artistic light fixture. It’s a space designed for gatherings, where the simple joys of shared meals are framed by views of the lush outdoor landscape.

Moving upstairs, the private quarters maintain the home’s airy feel. Bedrooms transition into personal retreats, offering respite with plush bedding, soft textures, and panoramic vistas. The master suite excels with its vast layout, featuring a custom-designed bed positioned to wake up to waterfront sunrises.

A Sanctuary of Calm

Each bathroom in “Waterfront Elegance” speaks to a love of clean design and relaxation. With floating vanities, spacious walk-in showers, and freestanding bathtubs, the design supports unwinding after a day in the sun.

Serenity in Design

In the lounge areas, simplicity reigns, highlighting the house’s structural beauty and the curated selection of art. Each piece complements the space without overwhelming, ensuring the ocean view remains the focal point.

“Waterfront Elegance” by DKOR Interiors stands as a beacon of contemporary design, where every corner is thought out, and every view optimized, embodying the essence of Fort Lauderdale’s luxurious yet understated lifestyle.

Photography by Alexia Fodere

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- by Matt Watts