Madrona House by Wittman Estes

Madrona House recently redesigned by Wittman Estes, is a contemporary waterfront house situated in Seattle, Washington.

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About Madrona House

Lake Washington’s Architectural Gem

Nestled on a steep slope, this house offers panoramic views of Lake Washington. Its indoor spaces seamlessly extend to outdoor terraces and decks, perfect for dining, entertaining, and relaxation. Wendell Lovett originally designed it, but it’s now modernized for a family with passions for cooking, art collecting, and outdoor activities. A harmonious blend of wood, stainless steel, concrete, and glass ensures natural aging while capturing reflections of the surrounding trees, water, and sky.

Preserving the Past, Embracing the Present

Though reflective of its 1980s origins with an inward focus, the house underwent transformative changes. Previously, the kitchen and master suite felt isolated, detached from both the outdoors and the house’s other spaces. Now, the design retains Lovett’s iconic spatial richness and sculptural flair. Simultaneously, it caters to the interconnectedness sought by today’s families.

Modern Features with a Nod to Nature

The two daughters enjoy a room with tailored bunk beds and creatively designed built-in drawers, painted in vibrant colors. In the heart of the home, the kitchen boasts custom walnut veneer paneling and stainless countertops. These elements not only mirror the hues of the outdoors but also reinforce the family’s deep bond with nature.

Photography by Andrew Pogue

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- by Matt Watts