Almadine by Oksana Dolgopiatova

This spacious apartment recently designed by Oksana Dolgopiatova for a family with two children is situated in Kiev, Ukraine.


Apartment in the center of Kiev with an area of 160 m2, designed for a family with two children.

The whole project is a combination of opposing materials and complex colors. Native concrete walls and carved portal, textured marbled porcelain tiles and ringing polyester coating of oak facades. Brass, starting plaster and crystal, “screaming” glossy stone floor and “silent” matte tiles. Wallpaper and black unplastered walls. Shining silk curtains and black linen.

The important part is the portal, which is a copy of the portals, situated in the old mansions of Milan.

It helped to cope with the greatest difficulty at the design stage – the supporting monolithic concrete wall with an opening welded with metal, where absolutely nothing could be done. It became the starting point of the style, which determined not only zoning.

The inspiration for choosing the project’s color palette was Almadin stone – the hardest and most widespread variety of red or red-violet garnets.

Redevelopment was made in such a way as to smash the blocks of children and adults into different parts of the apartment. The entrance to the master bedroom with a bathroom and dressing room is hidden in an almandine wall with moldings. The entrance to the children’s block with two rooms and a bathroom is a portal to a small corridor, more like an art room. It has only color and a watch with marble of the corresponding shade. Door color, ceiling color, wall color, portal color. Different materials and planes, but one color.

Oksana Dolgopiatova is a rising star of interior design in Eastern Europe. The works of her Dolgopiatova Design bureau, based in Kiev, Ukraine, receives publications from leading national media on architecture. In 2017, she won the prestigious national Ukrainian competition Art Space with a project Aliсe.

Photography courtesy of Oksana Dolgopiatova

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- by Matt Watts

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