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Podere La Fratta: Rustic Tuscan Farmhouse Transformation

Brick vaulted ceiling, wood furnishings, and modern amenities in cozy living space.

In a picturesque corner of Tuscany, the historic Podere La Fratta has undergone a comprehensive transformation by the talented design team at Officina Abitare. This traditional Tuscan country estate, located in Vaiano, Italy, has been thoughtfully reimagined for modern living while preserving its rural charm.

The project involved a complete renovation of the oldest section of the farmhouse, where the vestiges of its agricultural past still lingered, including a ground-floor storage and cellar space. The design approach prioritized respecting the property’s rustic essence, introducing energy-efficient technologies and thermal insulation to elevate it to an A2 energy class rating.

Casale Barberini: Embracing Nature in Rome’s Countryside

Rustic wooden beams, modern furniture, and vibrant artwork create a striking interior.

The Casale Barberini, a stunning farmhouse designed by renowned architect Arabella Rocca, is situated within the Castel Lombardo estate on the Lazio coast, just a few kilometers from Rome, Italy. Completed in 2021, this 300 sq.m. house features an open-plan layout that seamlessly integrates the interior with the surrounding nature, offering residents a serene and visually connected living experience. The design revolves around the concept of “letting the outside world in,” with ample glazed openings and a carefully curated color palette that reflects the verdant landscape.

Farmhouse BGS: How a Spanish Farmhouse Became a Modern Home

Contemporary stone building with large glass windows and wooden accents.

Farmhouse BGS, designed by Enrica Mosciaro in 2020, stands as a testament to architectural evolution in Spain. This house, evolved over three centuries, seamlessly combines its historical significance with modern living standards. Through Enrica Mosciaro’s vision, the structure maintains its agricultural roots while adapting to contemporary needs, showcasing a unique blend of the past and present.