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Achioté: Sustainability Meets Sophistication in Puntarenas

FeaturedAchioté: Sustainability Meets Sophistication in Puntarenas

Introducing Achioté, the stunning vacation rental villas located on a hill overgrown with a jungle near Uvita town, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Designed by FormaFatal in 2022, Achioté is the first “rammed earth” implementation in Costa Rica.

The villas, which are designed for short-term recreational rentals, feature biophilic interiors with minimalist and simple designs. The villas have thin and sharp lines in contrast to the lush tropical vegetation, and the chosen materials and colors coincide perfectly with the surroundings. Each villa has a unique interior design concept based on the energies perceived in the location before construction.

Atelier Villa – Art Villas Costa Rica by Formafatal

FeaturedAtelier Villa – Art Villas Costa Rica by Formafatal

Experience the minimalist allure of Atelier Villa, a retreat masterfully designed by Formafatal, nestled amidst Pérez Zeledón’s verdant landscape in Costa Rica.

This architectural gem, seemingly floating above lush vegetation, captures the essence of ‘pura arquitectura’ (pure architecture) in its commitment to erasing boundaries between interior and exterior. A blend of regional craftsmanship and sustainability, the villa employs large, rust-resistant aluminum sections and charred timber cladding, resulting in a mesmerizing interplay of light, shadow, and natural tones.