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Clubhouse: Modernist Oasis in Toronto’s Private Estate

FeaturedSleek, modern exterior with expansive glass walls, pool, and minimalist bar seating.

FrankFranco ArchitectsClubhouse in Toronto, Canada, is a modern masterpiece that redefines opulence with its site-specific design. This three-year project, recognized as a 2024 Architizer Best Small Firm winner, showcases the studio’s exceptional talent in creating a home that seamlessly blends with its surroundings. Grounded in the roots of modernism, the residence optimizes its plot, with a T-shaped design that organizes the spaces and features cantilevered portions that defy gravity.

Clubhouse: Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living Above Toronto

Spacious modern living room with panoramic windows overlooking lush greenery.

Clubhouse, designed by FrankFranco Architects in 2023, is a stunning house located in Toronto, Canada. This modern residence overlooking the National Golf Club of Canada features a unique architectural style that sets it apart in its community. With a site-specific design, the house incorporates strong privacy features and a connection to the natural surroundings, ensuring a living space that is both opulent and comfortable.

Woodland House: Midcentury Charm in Toronto’s Preserve

Modern living room with large windows, a sectional sofa, and wooden accents.

Woodland, a stunning architectural achievement by Frankfranco Architects, sits atop a nature preserve near Toronto. This Vaughan-based house, completed in 2022, skillfully marries Midcentury Modernist design with sustainable luxury.

The 6,000-square-foot side-split home, built on a historic two-acre property, showcases unique C-shaped architecture, minimalist grey exteriors with bespoke brass inlays, and interiors rich in natural materials like walnut and slate.