Woodland House: Midcentury Charm in Toronto’s Preserve

Woodland, a stunning architectural achievement by Frankfranco Architects, sits atop a nature preserve near Toronto. This Vaughan-based house, completed in 2022, skillfully marries Midcentury Modernist design with sustainable luxury.

The 6,000-square-foot side-split home, built on a historic two-acre property, showcases unique C-shaped architecture, minimalist grey exteriors with bespoke brass inlays, and interiors rich in natural materials like walnut and slate.

Modern living room with large windows, a sectional sofa, and wooden accents.
Modern living space with wooden ceiling and circular skylight, opening to a vibrant
Modern living room with large windows, wooden ceilings, and sleek furniture.
Modern room with glass walls, wooden panels, leather sofas, and artwork.
Modern dining room with large window overlooking autumn trees.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, marble backsplash, and pendant lights.
Modern interior with wooden elements, reflective surfaces, and natural lighting.
Modern house entrance with large glass doors and colorful pop art mural.
Modern home exterior with clean lines, flat roof, and bare trees.
Modern house with geometric carport and fall foliage.

About Woodland House

Architectural Harmony in Toronto’s Nature Preserve

A Midcentury Modernist-inspired house, nestled atop a Toronto nature preserve, showcases its owner’s skills as an architect, interior designer, and cabinetmaker. Despite the Toronto Region Conservation Authority’s prohibition on new builds, the property’s 60-year-old cottage allows for a new family home.

Unique C-Shaped Design and Modernist Influence

The house proudly displays a C-shaped plan, featuring a two-story northern section and a one-story southern part. The long horizontal roofs and minimalist grey boxes with black-framed windows capture the essence of Midcentury Modernism. Furthermore, U-channel steel sections create striking pilotis at both ends.

Innovative Interiors and Custom Craftsmanship

Inside, the dramatic stairway, with its slender metal accents and oak treads from an onsite tree, immediately draws attention. The stairway boasts a delicate parapet and gravity-defying Starphire glass landings. A hidden outer stringer supports this architectural feat, complemented by a continuous brass handrail for stability and style.

Sculptural Elegance and Repetitive Motifs

Brass inlays on the exterior create a tulip relief, reflecting the home’s attention to detail. This motif reappears in the kitchen’s walnut finish and the upper stairway, enhancing the home’s aesthetic continuity.

Sustainable Luxury in Material Choices

The home’s material selection prioritizes both luxury and sustainability. Walnut paneling, titanium black granite countertops, and ocean black slate flooring form elegant, waste-minimizing patterns. Repurposed Eramosa limestone from the retaining wall underscores the home’s eco-friendly ethos.

This 6,000-square-foot (557.42 square meters) side-split home, started in 2014 and completed in 2022, stands as a beacon of modern, sustainable design in harmony with its natural surroundings.

Photography by Bob Gundu

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- by Matt Watts