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More White than Off-white…: The Minimalist Charm of A Tbilisi Apartment

An elegant, minimalist living room with ornate architectural details and a sleek TV console.

Discover More White than Off-white…, a minimalist apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia, designed by The Wall design studio in 2023. Spanning 112 m2, this family abode masterfully balances functional design with subtle, luxurious touches, featuring gradations of off-white paired with mint green, black, and gray accents for a serene yet sophisticated living space.

Cork Oak House: Architectural Fusion with a Centennial Cork Oak Tree

FeaturedModern residential home with contrasting brick and wood exterior, large windows, and landscaped yard.

Cork Oak House, designed by Skemba in 2021, is a striking house located in Amarante, Portugal. This single-family home intricately weaves the natural presence of a centuries-old cork oak tree into its architectural layout, showcasing a profound respect for its rural setting. Emphasizing sustainability and seamless integration with the landscape, the residence provides an innovative living solution tailored for a modern family. This sophisticated design blends rustic elements with contemporary finesse, making every space inside resonate with functionality and esthetic appeal.