More White than Off-white…: The Minimalist Charm of A Tbilisi Apartment

Discover More White than Off-white…, a minimalist apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia, designed by The Wall design studio in 2023. Spanning 112 m2, this family abode masterfully balances functional design with subtle, luxurious touches, featuring gradations of off-white paired with mint green, black, and gray accents for a serene yet sophisticated living space.

An elegant, minimalist living room with ornate architectural details and a sleek TV console.
Elegant modern living room with sleek white furniture, pendant lighting, and wall art.
Minimalist living room with white sofa, TV console, and ornate wall panels.
Modern kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, black cylindrical extractor, and minimalist lighting.
Minimalist dining room with white chairs, modern light fixture, and patterned wall.
Sleek, modern bedroom with minimalist lighting, curtains, and a plush grey upholstered bed.
Minimalist bedroom with geometric ceiling decor, built-in vanity, and pendant lighting.
Modern minimalist interior design with wooden shelving, arched mirror, and laptop workstation.
A sleek, modern bathroom design featuring marble walls, built-in shelves, and a round mirror.
A modern bathroom with a sleek vanity, oval mirror, and striking orange tile wall.
A modern bathroom with a sleek black shower system and white marble walls.

About More White than Off-white…

Elegant Minimalism on Chavchavadze Avenue

Nestled in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia, “More White than Off-white…” reveals a serene haven designed by The Wall design studio in 2023. This 112 m2 apartment, crafted for a family of four, demonstrates a masterful use of space, ensuring both functionality and stylistic sophistication.

A Harmonious Blend of Color and Light

Stepping into the combined studio living and kitchen area, the visitor is immediately enveloped by an airy palette dominated by off-white hues, complemented by subtle touches of mint green, black, and gray accents. The Wall design studio’s approach strategically focuses on well-chosen furniture and decorative elements against a backdrop of clean lines and classic moldings. The living space boasts “Wall&deco” wallpaper, adding texture and depth to the soothing monochrome scheme, while a plush white sofa injects comfort into this stylish tableau.

Culinary Chic and Dining Delight

The kitchen area, a vision in white, is punctuated by sleek black pendant lights and modern bar stools that invite casual dining experiences. As we transition to the dining space, it’s adorned with light mint green chairs that surround a white table, creating an inviting ambiance for family gatherings, all under the watch of a contemporary art piece that pulls the space together.

Intimate Spaces for Rest and Productivity

Intimacy and function collide in the bedrooms, where mint green hints reappear, offering a restful escape. The bespoke bedframe and unique lighting fixtures add personality without overwhelming the senses. A dedicated work area, featuring a combination of wood tones and muted grays, echoes the apartment’s clean aesthetic while providing a practical nook for productivity.

A Sanctuary of Style

The bathroom is a showcase of the studio’s ability to blend textures, with white marble meeting terracotta tiles. Black fixtures add a modern edge, underscoring the meticulous attention to detail that characterizes the apartment’s luxurious effect.

Through every room, “More White than Off-white…” exemplifies The Wall design studio’s philosophy of creating spaces where simplicity and elegance coexist harmoniously, proving that in interior design, sometimes less is indeed more.

Photography courtesy of The Wall design studio
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- by Matt Watts